The trance legend is back, but probably not how you expected him. Last October, ATB rather unexpectedly dropped “Flash X,” a trance-inspired progressive house track that received a mixture of compliments and criticisms from long-time fans of the German DJ. This week, ATB is releasing a monumental remix EP for the track, including fresh interpretations from Said The Sky, James Egbert and Deon Custom.

We have the honor and privilege of premiering one of the most notable remixes of the bunch, retouched by a producer I’ve held close to my heart for some time now, Yoe Mase. Since the release of his single “Impurity” with Kaizen, I’ve kept a close eye on the talented vocalist/producer. Most recently, Mase impressed with his debut EP Snow Ghosts, causing him to gain massive attention in the music world. Three of the six tracks on the EP (“Thrive,” “PTSD” and “Snow Ghosts”) were featured on MrSuicideSheep and individually gained over 1 million plays each.

Yoe Mase’s take on “Flash X” is the epitome of modern progressive house. Mase’s carefully-crafted remix is a true experience, starting off with a line of plucks that mesh perfectly with the vocals from the original track, progressing into a trance-inducing melodic drop. The track concludes with one of Mase’s signature piano lines, which is not only gorgeous, but also blends perfectly with its accompanying ambient vocal chops. This is definitely a remix worth checking out.

Listen to the remix below: