No one in dance music knows their way around the mash-up world quite like Kap Slap. The Massachusetts native dominated the bootleg/mash-up game before turning his attention to a slew of stand-out remixes and originals as dance music’s popularity grew exponentially, but the Massachusetts native has just delivered a track that is unlike anything the industry has ever seen.

Tapping into his roots, Kap Slap took Steve James’ track, “Renaissance,” remixed it into a phenomenal progressive house anthem, AND THEN layered Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s vocals, from “Sorry” and “Same Old Love” respectively, over the entire thing – line by line, lyric by lyric, so that the two former lovebirds are fighting and apologizing to each other throughout the entire track. Pretty genius if you ask me. Take a peep at Kap Slap’s stand-out remix below.