Ellie Goulding first broke out onto the EDM scene back in 2010 with the release of her debut album Bright Lights which was remixed to death by just about everyone, including Minnesota, Max Vangeli & AN21, Pariah, Deletah, and notably Jakwob whose “Starry Eyed” remix put him on the map. Later on, she would find success in her second and third albums, Halcyon and Delirium, respectively. Most recently, she’s found herself as a featured artist on various producers’ tracks, such as Calvin Harris, Major Lazor, Zedd, Seven Lions, Tinie Tempah and Skrillex.

On a trip in Norway three weeks ago, Goulding had quite a scare when her belt wagon (a tracked vehicle used to drive in icy conditions) broke the ice on a frozen lake and fell in. Goulding and photographer Conor McDonnell had to climb out of the roof to escape from drowning in the frozen lake. Thankfully, she’s okay.

She only just recently shared the news on social media, though the accident happened weeks ago.