OWSLA. For all intents & purposes, the LA-based consortium is the cool kid lunch table of dance music. But instead of touting exclusivity, they opt to include upcoming talent with open arms.

There’s a general style we’ve come to expect from OWSLA, but part of the allure is that we don’t really know what we’re going to get. There’s an absence of fear heard in their tracks, a sense of exploration that plays to the adventurer in all of us. It’s by brushing the status quo off to the side that the label has consistently pumped out releases that go on to dominate the year, eliciting the latest trends and solidifying the year’s sound. OWSLA’s Eggnog and Spring Compilation 2015 went on to run a train over the scene, with the latter producing the most played track of 2015, “Deep Down Low,” and World Broadcast is about to do the same for 2016.

Standouts of the compilation are Louis The Child’s “From Here” with a mellow slick of crackling static over humble chords, Wavedash with a scrumptious basscake titled “Bang,” and the glorious dreamscape of “Pretty Bye Bye” from Skrillex and Team EZY, a surprise collaboration if we’ve ever seen one. I could go on to describe every track in detail, but you’d much rather just hear them, right? Feast your ears below, and take your time to soak it in. One last thing – at the time of writing, Team EZY has 1,100 followers on SoundCloud. Keep an eye on him.

Purchase Worldwide Broadcast here.