It only gets better from here. Now that we’re finally over the “50 hump,” we can truly focus on moving forward and getting our Conspectus series to be both higher quality and more diverse with every passing week. Without delay, let’s dig into Chapter #51.

We’ll start off with our very own Your EDM Records release, “Rockafella” from the up and coming talent Scissors, who has featured with us many times with his quality future house reworks. This one –although completely original– is no less impressive. Next comes Loge21‘s “Like an Animal,” a catchy vocal & bass house track seems to outdo most of the French duo’s more popular songs. “Weightless” by Suave is another Your EDM Records release, this time styled in a more “Sea of Voices” kind of way, along with an elegant vocal addition. Try not to get annoyed with “New Message,” the latest single by Galwaro, which samples the Facebook “new message” sound. The track itself is a catchy Melbourne bounce tune that should be enjoyable for most EDM fans. We’ll close this week’s edition with “you go first,” the debut single from nöair. No words for this one, but trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Check out the full edition below and make sure to support these talented artists with a follow!