It was only yesterday that Louis The Child had a new track released on OWSLA’s trendsetting Worldwide Broadcast compilation, so it would be forgivable if you missed their latest remix, released only the day before.

The duo took “I Wish (My Taylor Swift)” from The Knocks & Matthew Koma, and went completely out of the box for it. The flighty and dreamy synths work well with Koma’s vocals, but the drop is the real jaw dropper. It’s quite the difference in expectation when it hits, considering the build up to it; it’s almost as if you’re listening to a different remix entirely.

The more I listen, the weirder the track actually sounds. The slow, crawling rhythm seems at ends with the upbeat and happy synths and melody; Koma’s vocals are equally at ends with the overall vibe of the track. This one will likely be divisive among some listeners, but I have no doubt that LTC fans will have this on repeat.

It’s also rather fitting that Louis The Child remix this track, considering their relationship with Tay Tay, but that’s just a bonus.