With the presidential race heating up, the millennials’ front runner, Bernie Sanders, had one of his last rallies in the state of Iowa ahead of the caucus voting. Being the hip old man he is, Bernie Sanders turned one of his final events into a night of music and entertainment that has been compared to a mini-Coachella.

Performances from Vampire Weekend, Foster The People and more packed the house, turning the rally into an amazing, musical event. The crowd, composed primarily of young people, certainly “felt the Bern” as they rocked out with the man himself right after his well-practiced speech.

Sadly, no electronic artists were present as very few heavyweights have come out to publicly endorse Senator Sanders. Although, thankfully, plenty of big names have come out in opposition of Donald Trump. With the race heating up it would be very interesting to see industry leading artists join the cause and start playing at Bernie Sanders rallies because, after all, EDM has a place in most millennials’ hearts, much like Sanders.

Watch Bernie Sanders sing a capella with Vampire Weekend below:

Source: Yahoo