Though SFX Entertainment is solidly embedded in the dance music culture with its acquisition of a variety of dance music properties, its declaration of Chapter 11 bankruptcy reaches wider than just our next favorite festival.

SFX has been getting blasted in the media lately, and that includes a quick jab, and extremely low buyout offer, from our favorite internet troll.

Sillerman’s position as CEO has evidently been in error since 2012; not clerical error, but professional. He came into the scene as a businessman rather than someone who was passionate about the community, and we’ve come to see that you really need both to succeed in this industry.

Deadmau5 is only the latest vocal figurehead to speak out against the brand, and he probably won’t be the last. As we wait to see how SFX digs itself out of this hole, we’re essentially left sitting on our hands and wondering, “Who’s gonna save the world tonight?”