“I Remember” by Kaskade & Deadmau5 is one of those tracks that will live on long after most of us are gone and in the ground. Its complexity and beauty are difficult to match with any other known track in existence, with the exception of a select few other tracks from the likes of Eric Prydz, Above & Beyond or deadmau5 himself.

That being said

Blu J’s remix of “I Remember” is a stunning and breathtaking blend of trance and bass house that we just cannot get over. The bass house elements are softened to match the original emotional vibe and it’s scary how well it works. This is the first example that I know of in which bass house has been fused with trance, but I know that I want so much more.

It’s a close enough match to the original that we don’t really mind the modified rhythm, but it’s that exact rhythm that we love in the end because it makes the tune so much easier to dance to.

Grab your free download here.