Haywyre’s Two Fold Pt. 2 is nearly upon us, but we are getting one last track before it officially drops on Monday.

“Impulse” is darker than we’ve seen Haywyre before, but honestly, this is our favorite track from the album. Everything about it is unconventional; from the off-kilter drop, to the synths used, to the subtle and almost imperceptible chimes, to the perfect drum fills. If Haywyre wanted another alias as a drum & bass producer, he’s proven that he can handle it with this tune.

And if you missed it, Haywyre also recently tried his hand at future house with “Do You Don’t You.” He continues to prove himself time and again with innovative production, and refusing to stay within a singular box. He’s consistently pushing boundaries not only for himself but for electronic music as a whole.

Pre-Order the Two Fold Pt 2 LP: monster.cat/1PQkQyq
Website: www.haywy.re