A new study conducted in partnership with Sonos and Apple Music concludes that listening to more music together equates to more frequent bouts of intimacy.

The two companies “hired a consultant, neuropsychologist Dr. Daniel J. Levitin, to help craft the study,” and 30,000 participants were examined and asked about “their behaviors and tendency to listen to music at home.”

In the end, the results speak for themselves.

“[A]cross all countries survey respondents listening to music out loud the most reported that they spent on average 3 hours and 13 minutes more together per week compared to the ones listening to music out loud the least.”

“The participants in our field study reported feeling on an average 15% less hostile during the week with music. They also reported feeling 24% less irritable.”

“The survey shows that the couples who listen to music out loud the most have sex on average 2.5 times per week. The couples who don’t listen to music out loud have sex only 1.5 times per week.”

It’s clear that this is an obvious marketing ploy by Apple and Sonos to promote their products; however in the interest of science, the answers are real (as opposed to a “paid actors” kind of deal). You can check out the full findings here.


via Tech Crunch