As winter’s chill slowly shows signs of fading and the year’s festival season crests the horizon, the time approaches for music and art lovers from all corners of the globe to begin planning out their events for the upcoming months. Lucky for us, website has compiled one of their most complete and comprehensive caches of all time for this year’s festivals.

By visiting their website, event goers can gain access to a global library of 300 of the most anticipated gatherings set to take place this calendar year. With dozens of destinations on every continent (except you, Antarctica), attendees can access information on their area’s closest events no matter where they live. In addition to every major electronic music festival you can think of – from EDC to Imagine to Mysteryland – the list includes some of the world’s more strange and niche events, like Austria’s terrifying Krampusnacht Festival or England’s Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling.

Each event has its own dedicated page of information, where potential attendees can learn about the festival’s history and background, read reviews from past visitors, look at photos and videos taken on site, map out its exact location, find out the essential codes of conduct and look over its “festival stats.” Tallied up for each event, the stats measure the crowd size and vibe, level of participation and preparation, and how effectively it transforms those who attend.

If scanning through the entire list of 300 doesn’t sound appealing, a search bar at the top of the page can be used to look for events based on their type, location, start/end dates or even just alphabetically. Even better, though, by selecting the ‘electronic music’ category, you’ll find the top 73 EDM festivals in the world… a daunting bucket list, but one that a true festival lover could most definitely accomplish in their lifetime.

Check out Fest300’s full list here, and explore some of the world’s most interesting and exciting gatherings.