Skrillex‘s touring schedule has kept its place as one of the busiest and most exciting in all of electronic music ever since he touched down in over 300 locations in 2011. With stops all over the globe, from the largest festival stages to unlikely dive clubs, referring to Sonny as a “world traveller” would almost come as an understatement. Everywhere he goes, he seems to breathe in the culture and beauty of the area with a childlike wonder that inspires those lucky enough to share the experience.

In one of his most recent expeditions, Skrillex voyaged to Iceland as part of his winter 2015 tour. His stop at Sónar Reykjavík was accompanied by what looks like several days of exploration around the country’s vast mountain ranges, beaches and towns. Luckily for us, his trusty photographer Jas Davis captured the entire adventure in stunning quality.

The short recap film is just over four minutes long, and serves as a detailed and personal look into Skrillex’s travels. Cued to Björk’s “Hyperballad,” the video is able to briefly whisk you away into the natural beauty of Iceland’s landscape.

Check it out in full below.

There must be something in the water in Iceland, because both Crywolf and Gemini have also visited the country with magnificent results.


Source: The Bangin Beats