After Adventure Club‘s headlining slot for Winter On The Rocks at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, it has quickly become apparent to fans that the new, stricter sound regulations will be hugely detrimental to any show there in the foreseeable future, regardless of genre.

Some attendees claim “my homies car has better bass” and that what used to be an immersive experience is now boiled down to people having normal conversations – even in the front few rows – and being able to hear each other perfectly fine over the music. Having attended quite a few shows and festivals in our time, that is something we at Your EDM can all agree is extremely atypical.

One fan, Trevor Hartman, even reached out to Adventure Club themselves to inquire as to why the volume was so low, the dubstep duo clarifying that it was indeed due to a very strict sound ordinance – one that has forced the king of Colorado himself, Bassnectar, to move any and all future shows to different venues. It seems his claims that 2016 shows will have “virtually no bass” stand true after all… and all there’s really left to do is pour one out for the now bass-free “best music venue in the world.”