Valentine’s Day is a strange time for everyone, regardless of your relationship status – or lack thereof. The pressure to make the most of it and spend it according to a refined set of requirements makes the day feel slightly out of your control. At the end of it all though, love and connection is what it’s all about, no matter what form it takes.

That’s why we at Your EDM have decided, once again, to send out a care package to all of our readers today. Whether the day has you feeling on top of the world or a little blue, we’re sure that this Valentine’s Day playlist will be the perfect accompaniment to the experience.

With the help of my lovely staff, I’ve thrown together two and a half hours worth of soulful, meaningful and sexy tunes for you to play on repeat. From the old classics you know and remember to some new ones you may have never heard, this playlist will set the mood right for you and anyone else you’ll be spending the day with.

Check out all 41 tracks below, and enjoy.