Magic is something that never ceases to bring people together. From Penn and Teller’s grand illusions to simple card tricks, those who get fooled never seem to walk away with anything but a smile. The experience is even greater when the trick is completely inexplicable, leaving onlookers with nothing but a dropped jaw and stammering questions.


In a video uploaded to Facebook last week by Dutch television show Mindf*ck, DJ/producer Hardwell became the recipient of one such illusion. In Hardwell’s own, custom studio, magician Victor Mids did the impossible and guessed the exact lyrics that he would have Hardwell come up with on his own a week later. But the way in which he presented the trick is what makes it especially interesting to electronic music fans.

In another studio a week prior, Mids recorded an audio clip with the help of vocalist Jaap Jaap Reesema. The clip was then uploaded to a USB drive, which Hardwell was shown prior to writing down his own lyrics. The sound wave, when played, showed the exact same words Hardwell had just written down, even after he crossed one out and changed it.

Watch the illusion in its entirety below, and make your best guesses as to how Mids pulled it off.

For all the Hardwell fans around the world. This is what happened with Victor Mids in MINDF*CK last night!

Posted by Mindfck on Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Source: We Rave You