If you’re looking for new and inspiring tunes to add to your music library, then do yourself a favor and keep the name Pilgrims on your radar from this point forward.

The project between two friends brought together through the power of the Internet, Pilgrims is the moniker created by Omar Serrano of Palo Alto, California and Casey Arnold of Dunedin, New Zealand. Although Omar and Casey have been great friends for quite some time, the idea of Pilgrims didn’t come forth until a little over a year ago where the two set out time to forge this day-dream collaboration into a full-fledged concept to explore the boundaries of electronic music like you’re rediscovering it. Or at least that’s the goal they have in mind. And now their year of deciding what Pilgrims will be and will sound like comes to the world through their first ever release available for free download.

They released this free flip of the progressive house collaboration “Let Me Feel” by Nicky Romero, Vicetone, and When We Are Wild. This song taps into the vocals immediately following a slow piano melody with a noticeably faster tempo than the original piece. After a quick build-up, this track warps the vocals on top of this soundscape of wavy synths and bombastic beats. Although this track lives up to flipping the original on its head, Pilgrims are able to maintain the original’s anthemic elements while creating a new sound that may come to define this fresh duo.