Griz only just finished his My Friends And I Decided To Come To your City And Play Some Super Rad Small Shows While I Write My Next Album tour (seriously…) but I’m only just now getting around to my own experience two weekends ago. I can’t begin to tell you if the show I witnessed was special in relation to the others, but it was special to me.

I chose to saw the second of the Griz shows in Los Angeles, and this meant that I had already seen three shows in the two days prior. I was wiped. The night of the show, I also had an engagement party for a friend, so I managed to eat as many macaroni & cheese balls and tuna tar tar in grilled tortilla cups as possible to regain my energy; a little bubbly, too, never hurt.

I made my drive down to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, and changed from my formal clothes into something a bit more appropriate for the occasion – how appropriate, I wasn’t aware until I got in and saw my friends. After hugging, I backed away just to begin the normal chit chat and they burst out laughing, absolutely uncontrollable. I asked what it was, and they said they were reading my shirt. I had worn a funny shirt, so this didn’t seem out of place to me, but the intensity of it was odd.

My shirt read, “Walk Up To The Club Like Whaddup I Got A- Oh God. Oh No. Wrong Building. I’m So Sorry. Continue With Your Funeral, God Bless.” tick tick tick tick clickI was at a cemetery.

This moment would give me the stamina and verve to stay awake and energetic for the rest of the night, buzzing with a comedic kind of energy that you can only achieve from such a happy coincidence in the presence of friends.

The actual show was being held in a Masonic Lodge at the entrance of the cemetery, a unique venue if I’ve ever heard of one. We all sort of shuffled into the square meeting room, waiting for Griz to take the stage. There couldn’t have been space for more than 400 people, and only around 300 showed up by my estimate, leaving the room packed but comfortable – perfect. As Griz took the stage, another friend of his showed up to tell us all to put our phones away and just have fun. No one would have recognized this individual if he hadn’t introduced himself with such a recognizable voice. It was none other than Daniel Franzese, otherwise known as Damian in Mean Girls.

MyFriendsandI in LA pt II#MyFriendsandI in LA last weekend :Done of those ‘best day ever’ days. huge shouts to SHOOKA and my buddy Daniel Franzese for being our super special guests <3

Posted by GRiZ on Thursday, February 25, 2016

After this little jaunt, Griz took over and got the party started. It was a wild ride from start to finish, with Griz throwing down classics, as well as unfamiliar cuts that most assumed must be from his forthcoming album. The entire room was filled with grins from one side to the other, I don’t think a single person was having a bad time. It would have been weird if they were, considering how exclusive the shows on this tour were.

The show ended with Griz jumping down in the crowd and playing his heart out with 300 of his best friends surrounding him and singing along. I was sitting on a bench just outside the event room, calmly listening to the fervor inside, letting the exhaustion of the weekend finally get to me. We stuck around a bit, but after a couple minutes, we all made our way outside and drove off.

This was only my second time seeing Griz, but of course, I would see him again in a heartbeat. His sets have a natural flow of energy about them, letting fans turn up and chill out multiple times during a set, ebbing and flowing between natural vibes. It’s a unique experience each time and I absolutely love that.