Afrojack is no stranger to luxury. Much like deadmau5, the electronic dance music producer and performer is obsessed with the newest, fastest and most expensive cars and the announcement of his purchase of the Bugatti Chiron was met with a ton of hype.

Although the Dutchman made public his decision to purchase this $2.5 million beast back in October, Bugatti just got around to the car’s official reveal today… but it was 100% worth the wait. With only 500 being made and electronically limited to a mere 261 mph (in times past Bugatti has offered instructional programs that let drivers exceed their imposed limits with a special key, and we hope the same applies here), you’ll hit 125 mph in a scant 6.5 seconds and 62 mph in under 2.5 thanks to an incredible ~1500 horse-power and massive 8.0 liter, 16 cylinder engine.

For more details hit up AutoCar – and revel in the stunning pictures below.

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