Though we’re blessed to have little to complain about these days, we must remember the multitudes of people out there who don’t have it anywhere near as easy. It’s a time of unrest in the world, and imbalances abound; fortunately, one can always look to music to lend a helping hand.

David Starfire, a veteran of the ever-evolving underground bass music scene, has gone to great lengths to ensure that his music will be able to provide a very real form of support to at least one group of displaced humans. The fifth album from this esteemed producer, Karuna, is completely devoted to aiding the plight of thousands of Burmese refugees; 100% of the proceeds it generates will be donated to the Thai Freedom House, a non-profit organization looking to educate the refugees through language, art, and other academic programs. This was Starfire‘s first album completely funded by Kickstarter. Crowd-sourcing finances for the album allowed him to visit several border zones and refugee camps in Northern Thailand; this, in turn, allowed him to collaborate with many indigenous musicians, whose flutes, vocals, and horns can be heard throughout the album. Karuna, which translates to ‘Compassion’ in Sanskrit, is filled to the brim with full-bodied, textured synths, exotic melodies, and entrancing rhythms; a perfect blend of East and West, modern and native. To top it all off, the release features several exciting collaborations: GovindaHÄANAWilliam Close & the Earth Harp, and more all make appearances, as well as the first recorded collaboration between a musician and visionary artist, Alex Grey.

In short, it’s great music for an excellent cause. We encourage you to lend your utmost support to this endeavor and to keep David Starfire on your radar, as there’s much more to come. The full stream is below, happy listening!


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