Over 66 million years ago, at the end of the Mesozoic Era, a massive meteor crashed into the earth’s surface, leaving a 112-mile wide crater and wiping out 75% of the planet’s life including all non-avian dinosaurs. In a burst of light and fire, the earth was engulfed in waves of disaster and mayhem. Striking the planet with unimaginable force, the meteor effectively changed the course of Earth’s timeline and rewrote our evolutionary narrative. The day was a true display of the cosmos’s incomprehensible power and dominion over our planet’s fragile existence.

To recreate this kind of destruction and chaos, it would take a god with unrivaled authority and a deadly taste for the lifeblood of the human race; someone who can reach down into the bowels of Hell to unleash terror and thrill upon the faces and minds of those foolish enough to approach him without caution. Today, that person has awoken.

Dubstep producer and destroyer of worlds Midnight Tyrannosaurus has just released Midnight Snacks Vol. 2, a 29-track album filled to the brim with the most jaw-dropping, disgusting, unashamed and demonic songs of 2016. It’s currently available on his Bandcamp page as a “choose your price” download, and can be streamed in mix form on his Soundcloud.

The long-awaited compilation spotlights and mangles vocal samples from games like Bloodborne, Super Mario Sunshine and Call of Duty: Black Ops III to programs like Mad Max: Fury Road, Rick and Morty and the Regular Show. Each track is crafted in its own sonic universe and storyline, as Midnight T creates a palpable, almost literary context for each beat. When they finally erupt, the sensation is similar to what I imagine it feels like when you’re skydiving into a volcano while Transformer robots have an angry beatboxing competition on top of an industrial, nuclear warhead factory.

Midnight’s sound design throughout the entire album is flawless and stunning, with an almost effortless ability to surpass his own talent with each new track. The amount of times I yelped in agony while listening most likely worried my downstairs neighbors; the album is no joke.

In the Bandcamp player below, I urge you to take a focused listen to a true pioneer in bass music and sound design. Rarely do there emerge dubstep songs that can be approached as actual pieces of art. With Midnight Snacks Vol. 2, that trend is stopped in its tracks. This one is a real game changer.