It seems nearly every artist creates their own label to avoid signing their music rights away to a major label, but one of the first artists to really buck that trend during EDM’s pre-mainstream takeover was deadmau5. In 2007, deadmau5 founded the label mau5trap, which went on to release albums from superstars like ExcisionFeed Me, and Skrillex (most notably his hugely influential Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites). The label’s shifted gears a bit since its early days, now focusing on different shades of house music. Its current stars include the enigmatic ATTLAS, trance-gone-dark house producer Matt Lange, and REZZ, whom fans have dubbed the “female Gesaffelstein.”

Over the past week and for the next few weeks, mau5trap’s biggest artists hit the road on the Mau5Hax Bus Tour, a tour sweeping intimate clubs across Eastern Canada and United States and finishing up during Miami Music Week. The tour features ATTLAS, deadmau5 collaborator Steve Duda, and rotates REZZ and Matt Lange for various stops. The tour even features a “special gue5t,” which so far has been deadmau5 himself. Deadmau5 has gone b2b with ATTLAS and REZZ thus far, so it remains to be what other surprises will hit the bus circuit.

This week, the Mau5Hax Bus Tour invades Florida, a state known for its electronic music scene yet one that regularly misses out on tour dates due to its odd placement in the United States and its sheer size. Floridian mau5trap fans are reveling in the tour’s extended visit to the state, and this week the tour hits Orlando, Florida for a stop at Gilt Nightclub as apart of the club’s ENCORE event series on Friday, March 11.

This stop on the tour features ATTLAS, Matt Lange, and Steve Duda, plus the ever-mysterious special gue5t. If the special gue5t turns out to be deadmau5, then this show will mark deadmau5’s first Orlando performance 2009, a show in which he barely evaded a beer bottle thrown at his head. Deadmau5 wrote off the city since that incident, so we can only hope this event marks a bit of a redemption for Orlando.

Set times will be revealed later this week, but expect lengthy sets from headliners and various b2b moments. Tickets are currently available at Gilt Nightclub’s website for a mere $15.