Growing up it is ingrained in us to fantasize or dream big, but eventually our lives are dictated by a contradicting message – be realistic, get a job, and make enough money to live comfortably. Somewhere along the way happiness takes a backseat and success becomes the utmost priority. We exist, but don’t live. When this happens we receive a “wake up call”, which challenges our current state of existence, our purpose. Some people immediately take a leap of faith, while others fear the vulnerability of these fantasies and settle for a life of certainty and security.

For videographer Nainoa Langer, it took him several years working a mundane job at a hospital, living paycheck to paycheck, before he mustered up the courage to drop his secure life and pursue his fantasy. For the last two years he has adventured the astonishing lands of Hawaii, capturing candid moments of happiness through both his photos and video productions.

His latest project, a lyric video for Sokko’s remix of ALEXA’s single, “Fantasy”, gives us an in-depth look into the beautiful tropics of Maui, Hawaii. The video embodies Nainoa’s fantasy – embarking on epic adventures in the most surreal locations – and calls us to set aside our fears so that we can live out our own fantasies. So…are you up for the challenge?