At a time when the market is so saturated with generic house music, all avid listeners are craving the new, the different, and the unique. We ache for the thing that sets a track above and beyond its counter-parts, surprising our eardrums and making us want to go back for another listen. One of the artists who has certainly seemed to master this is Kaskade. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this release on his L.A.-based Arkade label, does just that.

This track from Project 46 provides just enough intrigue to make you want to delve deeper. It starts slow, a haunting female vocal drawing you in over a solemn, deep piano melody. It then folds in the signature trop house snap to accompany, quickly upping the tempo with a lively rhythm and bounce that almost brings it to tropical house fruition. But as swiftly as we got there, we are swept back into the more soulful and deep sounds of the opening melody. Layered with sporadic back vocals, funky plucks, and piercing melodic sprinkles, the track takes us on a journey that plays with different sounds, elements, and tempos that keep you guessing where it will go next. Curious yet? Take a listen!