Oh boy, do we have some treats for you this week. With every passing week, our SoundCloud team works to bring more and more diverse content to the page. However, with this week especially, I think we really hit the nail on the head.

We’ll kick off this Conspectus with “Solace,” a slow but powerful future bass jam by the American up-and-comer Top Hat. Our Your EDM Records pick of the week is the absolutely insane hard trap anthem by Twin Circuits called “Dark Matter,” which is followed by Axollo‘s gentle and melodic future house single, appropriately titled “Melody.” My personal favorite upload of the week is floatinurboat‘s remix of “Gravity” by EDEN, which marks both of their second week in a row of being featured. The remix itself is an intense future bass track with bells as the lead instrument. BELLS. We’ll close out the week with Marcio Lama groovy electro house track “Repento.”

Listen to all of this week’s picks below and make sure to follow all of these talented artists with a follow!