Holy hell technology is getting cool. Yesterday’s dreams are today’s reality and the proof can be seen at this year’s SXSW.

Titled ARC, Audience Reactive Composition, the project aims to bring musicians together and create as one. A modern adaptation of the “Drum Circle” concept, ARC allows musicians to control 5 different musical devices that are built into the table:

“With the ARC, participants are able to feel like they’re producing electronic music without knowing the ins and outs of the software it requires, and in a way that feels like a drum circle of sorts. “There’s a lot of presumptions about who is and isn’t a musician,” Liberti says. “The ARC isn’t breaking down that idea, but it’s bringing attention to it and giving us a glimpse of what could be.” –The Verge


Each musician that commands a station creates unique sounds unique to their futuristic controller. Although the concept and execution is superb, creating models like this for consumers will prove to be difficult. Never the less, the ARC installation would be perfect for festival activation’s.

Check out the preview video below and read the full report on The Verge: