Castor Troy is back with one of my favorite tracks from him to date, called “Always Have.”

Behind all of the beautiful piano melodies and well-placed vocal samples lies a tune with exquisite engineering and arrangement; it weaves through styles and tempos like an Olympic swimmer through a body of water. Blurring the lines between future bass, trap and drum & bass, Castor Troy exhibits expert knowledge of each genre, without which traversal between them would sound like utter garbage.

Rather than attempting to diversify a larger multi-track release with various styles, Castor Troy has made the bold decision to take one track, and beef it up to the point of intense saturation. The only thing keeping it all together is an elongated vocal sample and expertly crafted bassline; and seeing as those are the only things tying it all together, it’s masterfully composed.

The track is available for limited free download via the link here.