Picking up Grabbitz in 2014 was one of the best decisions Monstercat has ever made. The decision couldn’t have been a hard one though, with the quality of his debut “Here With You Now” being arguably better than many modern works from EDM’s veteran producers. Last year, Grabbitz released both his debut EP, Friends, which captured the more emotional essence and harder style of his first singles, and a longer work, Better With Time, a more surprising project that heavily experimented in the indie dance genre.

In the past, Grabbitz (real name Nick Chiari) has collaborated with artists like Faustix, deadmau5 and Tisoki. This time, Chiari decided to stay a little closer to home with his fellow label-mates Pegboard Nerds, who have released almost strictly on Monstercat since the VIP mix of “Gunpoint” in 2012. The track, titled “All Alone,” has been teased heavily on the duo’s livestreams, as well as their Snapchat, presumably in anticipation for their “Nerds by Nature” tour, on which Grabbitz will be accompanying them for a few stops.

“All Alone” expands on Chiari’s 2014 & early 2015 sound, going back to the drumstep style of “Here With You Now,” but completely reinventing it. The drop of the track serves as a sharp contrast between hard and melodic styles (which somehow complement each other perfectly), while vocally, the track takes us through the ongoing relationship struggle Grabbitz seems to be going through in all of his music. His vocals are beautiful layered over both impressive live instrumentation and a wicked intense bass line. This is easily some of the best work from both Pegboard Nerds and Grabbitz.

Listen to “All Alone” and buy the track below:

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