Constructed with intentions to destroy those expensive monitors and Funktion Ones your club promoters so effortlessly advertise, Technique’s newest LA-based signing Kronology has successfully injected their signature dance floor production into Deuce & Charger‘s “Start a Fire.” Just ahead of their wall-quaking single with massive international support and radio play, the boys have almost immediately returned to their studios with an unquestionably hot banger to give those of its kind a run for their money.

From its liftoff, you’d never expect the impending gashing bass cuts. You’d never prepare your ears for a preemptive buildup to unwillingly raise you from your bedside comfort. Yet as the paralleled peaks reach their destination, harsh-hitting heavyweight bass lines dig through the meaty kick drums in unison with such a mastery that to say this tune is anything short of flawless, would be an absolute fib.

Luckily for you all, this masterpiece is set for release along with the original tune (which is also a fantastic tune that should also nosedive right into your record crate) are set for release this Friday. You can pre-order it here: