For some reason, EDM and The Walking Dead have been inextricably intertwined for the past couple of years. Perhaps it’s the intersecting fanbase, or the metaphor of being a zombie after a music festival – but whatever it is, the two have seemingly come together like steak and a good red wine.

And now, some enterprising young chap (or chaps) has gone and created what can only be described as one of the strangest, yet most poignant, EDM parodies of the show we’ve ever seen (not that we’ve seen many…). Featuring “cameos” from Richie Hawtin, Seth Troxler, Eric Prydz, Carl Cox and more as the Walking Dead crew, the “zombies” are the festival-goers who flock to the mainstage for the almost hypnotic and mindnumbing music that EDM has tried to shy away from in the past year.

The zombies are drawn away from the stage with the ‘Old McDonald’ edit of Martin Garrix’s “Animals,” and at the end you see a famous cake-throwing DJ getting his head blown off… so there’s that.

The creators of the video explain their reasoning for creating the video in the description:

We tend to mostly blame “mainstream” DJs for producing bad copycats EDM tunes and festivals for giving them the top spots. That’s true BUT don’t forget that without all the people supporting them, they would be nothing. SO people, stop behaving like freakin’ ZOMBIES. Open your ears, open your mind and you will discover that electronic music is much more than the copy/paste tunes you hear on the mainstages! That’s the point of our “The Walking Deaf” parodic video 🙂