Nothing says “trap star” more than emptying a $1,000+ magnum of champagne over a room full of strangers in the middle of the club. I can only imagine you’re on top of the world for those handful of seconds, oblivious to any and all haters. And if you thought things couldn’t get any more ridiculous (better?), it seems that a French company called Extra-Night has created a literal champagne gun to make a long night at the club a spectacle to remember.

Available in gold, silver, or rose gold finishes and designed after the iconic American gangster weapon the Tommy Gun, this bubbly launcher is sure to make you the center of attention during your next night out at the clubs. It can be used to store, pour, or shoot any magnum of champagne, producing a surprising 45 second stream of bubbles over 23 feet long. The device itself will run you about $400 USD (not including the price of whatever champagne you want to spray), a shockingly low price for such an extravagant club item.

Check a video of the product in action below and head to the official USA distributor’s website HERE and get one for yourself if you’re feeling like the next Flosstradamus.