We’ve all been there. We’re out in the sun enjoying a live DJ set, dancing and having the time of our lives, and we’re so into the music that we’ve unknowingly tripped over something or ran into somebody. For Datsik fan Alysha Paige, her misstep was unfortunately a little worse.

On March 18th at a Datsik show in Miami, Alysha had been headbanging her heart away when she wound up in the hospital having split her head on the rail.

Judging by some of her later tweets it looks like Alysha’s doing fine, though she did have to miss Zomboy, sadly; but, she did wind up getting to meet Snails.

While I’m fairly certain that, given the chance, Alysha probably wouldn’t want to relive the whole “splitting my head and ending up in the hospital” experience, she did wind up getting to meet a fellow DJ so you could probably say the whole ordeal was something of a blessing in disguise.