It’s been four months since Goshfather & Jinco parted ways and started on the paths to their respective solo careers – while Jinco is preparing to drop his debut solo single, Goshfather has beaten him to the punch with his new track, “Gasoline.”

If there’s one thing to take away from this track, it’s that it is absurdly fun.

Teaming up with Brenna Campbell on vocals could not have been a more appropriate decision, as her flirty and vibrant vocals take the quality of the song up 1000%. The almost polka-esque vibe of the rhythm is as fun to dance to as usual polka, and the added electronic elements create an other-worldly sense of adventure and carefree abandon.

It’s oddly reminiscent of old school ’90s party music with a distinct modern flair, so the ’90s kid inside of me is absolutely jumping for joy. The pure sincerity of the tune also comes through clear as day, which is probably why I have such an easy time letting myself go to enjoy it.

Grab this one for free here, you know you want to.