Scooter Braun. He’s the mastermind responsible for the rise of Justin Bieber, and the same man at the helm of careers like those of Martin Garrix, Steve Angelo, Black Eyed Peas, even the gangnam styled PSY. Now, Braun is managing Kanye West.

However, despite the readily apparent effects of Braun’s consultation, sources are claiming that it’s still an unofficial business relationship, “Scooter is a friend and confidant and is consulting with Kanye.” So for now, it seems Mr. West is still represented by United Talent Agency.

Braun has only been working with Kanye for a month, yet you can already see his managerial skills at work in headlines, and in an ever so subtle shift in Kanye’s actions. We’ve seen the retraction of The Life of Pablo remaining a Tidal exclusive, and two tracks are now available on alternative platforms, with news of the full album being available on Apple Music and Spotify starting tomorrow.

We already know Kanye West is on friendly terms with Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem Christo of Daft Punk. But now with Steve Angello and Martin Garrix being more or less under the same management roof, maybe we’ll see even more of a dance influence on Kanye’s work over the months to come.


H/T Billboard