It’s been a couple months since Snails’s last tune, and fans have been getting a little antsy. (There some insect humor for you. I know a snail is a mollusk, shut up.)

This latest tune is a collab between the vomitstep master himself and our resident puppybass man, Protohype. As far as dubstep goes, it’s a pretty standard tune. Heavy on the bass, crazy synth stabs in the higher register, and a catchy hook. The second drop fares much better in the originality category, featuring incredibly textured bass notes and I just don’t know how to feel about that.

At just 2:29, the track is over before you really realize it. This is great for playing out live – you get two unique drops and a consistent vocal track to tie the two together, and you get to mix out before anyone gets too bored. For home listening, it’s a little less fulfilling.

Either way, you can grab your free download here.