Perhaps one of the most distinctive voices of our generation has blessed us with another slice of his carefully- cooked up monstrosity, this time with colleague in bass Salaryman in combination with intent to bulldoze your monitors. With a voice so recognizable and ominously-fitting to a wide spectrum of 174 tracks, it only seems right to collaborate with the France-based producer for something truly special-something for the true heads. As a bonus treat for their collective fan bases, they’ve written an absolute monster of a half-step banger to unleash to the to a ready and able world. Encapsulate everything you know of these two geniuses in the studio and more – are YOU ready?

The lyrics maintain a steady parallel of creative sharpness with the aforementioned production mastery. A true partnership of both individuals’ lethal set of skills. With your ammo belt equipped, a steady eye on your target and nothing standing between you and the download button- tell me then; are you ‘The Hunter’ or ‘The Hunted’? Find out yourself.

Release date: Today! *wink*