It’s looking like basshouse is going to be the jam this year and we honestly couldn’t be any happier. This new LA born crossover of G House, Dubstep, & Trapmusic is something that everyone’s been trying their hand at lately, but few and far between do it quite as well, or as uniquely as Swage. Formerly half of the now solo FistaCuffs, Swage has been quitely building absolute monsters in the lab with some of the hottest producers in the game over the past few years, and is just now starting to unleash them on the unsuhspecting public.

This latest one, a collab with the infamous YDG is just the thing to kick off  a Friday night of debauchery and shinanigans. Gritty, raw synths, marvelous kickdrums and a marvelously wild song structure all work together to create something that will be in our favorites column for a very long time. Grab it below and get to know this madman before you’re the last one on the wagon!