Near the beginning of March, NBA legend-turned-DJ Shaquille O’Neal released his very first dance music single along with Kryoman and Pairanoid. The uptempo, bass house heater is a surprisingly well-crafted mix of abrasive percussion and deep, pounding synths, especially when compared to “EDM tracks” released from other non-musician celebrities. Of course, we must assume that Kryoman and Pairanoid took the reins when creating “My Squads Lit,” but props are most definitely due for Shaq for his inclusion on such an explosive song.

Today, after more than a month since its initial debut, the track’s official music video has been unveiled to the public. Rather than feature O’Neal himself (like we secretly hoped) however, the video displays an incredible echelon of masked shufflers, whose impeccable footwork matches perfectly with the groovy rhythms. As day turns to night and pulsating lights begin to illuminate their graffiti-laden dance space, the energy and drive of the track only become more enticing.

Watch the official video below, and see how long you’re able to sit still.

Kryoman X Pairanoid X Shaquille O’ Neal OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

Posted by Kryoman on Friday, April 8, 2016