The music industry can be a dark place sometimes. Though top-tier performers and artists are frequently seen with a crew or posse, there’s often a very lonely side to being at the top. This can come with a lot of destructive habits, which Kill The Noise and Feed Me attempted to highlight in their song, “I Do Coke.”

“I do coke… so I can work longer… so I can earn more… so I can do more coke.”

The one line of lyrics in the song repeats ad nauseam and has become a well-known hook of the track. The original intention of the track was lost on many – some debating that it was glorifying drug use while others noticing that it was warning of the dangers.

The real explanation of it came along with the music video recently when Kill The Noise wrote, “In this story the message is that if you aren’t careful, you can become figuratively (and literally) consumed by your lifestyle of addiction. The main character in this story has found himself stuck on an endless merry-go-round that goes nowhere.

Kill The Noise further explained the track’s meaning on Twitter yesterday.

Laidback Luke also pointed out this danger in his Billboard op-ed on Avicii. And it’s likely that many more producers and performers at the top suffer in silence, as well. If you think you or a friend might have a problem, reach out, or call a hotline. You don’t have to be alone.