Dance music legends Sasha & John Digweed announced earlier this month that the world could probably see them at their first official reunion date this September. Having already played a B2B set at Easter Bedrock earlier this year the duo looks like they’ll be continuing on in a similar fashion by taking the stage at The Social Festival.

The festival announced its first two headliners with fellow old-school legend Carl Cox joining the legendary house duo at the two-day festival where they will be headlining Friday, September 9th (Day 1) at the Barn arena hosted by Mixmag.

With Sasha seeming very excited for the festival appearance in a tweet shared below, it looks like the reunion tour (assuming there are of course dates to follow) could be one of the most anticipated sets in dance music (for older fans at least)!

For information on ticketing and up to date lineup announcements, head on over to the festival’s official website here.

H/T: EDMTunes | Featured Image Source: DJ Mag