In a heartwarming story, clubs in Berlin have now banded together to form a new initiative known as the PLUS 1 Campaign dedicated to raising funds for refugees. To date, the initiative has garnered approximately €40,000 for three different charity groups aiding refugees in three different ways – or $45,600.

The three refugee charities who are the beneficiaries of these funds are Sea-Watch, Moabit helps!, and Berlin Refugees. Respectively these three different groups “help distressed peoples in the Mediterranean Sea, influence the State Office of Health and Welfare, and defend the rights of refugees in the face of authorities and politicians,” per Mixmag. So far, over 80 bars and clubs within the Berlin nightlife industry have signed onto the campaign which started back in October 2015.

Donating is simple. Everybody who is given entry to any of the 80+ nightclubs via a spot on the guestlist (be it reduced guestlist, complimentary ticket, whatnot) is required to donate at least €1 at the door before entering.


H/T: Mixmag | Featured Image Source: Fact Mag