Before EDM became a household genre in the United States, a few electronic producers and DJs managed to achieve varying levels of crossover appeal in the States. One of those success stories was Sasha & John Digweed, a dynamic duo if EDM has ever seen one. The two progressive house producers put out the highly influential mix album Northern Exposure and toured the globe, but went their separate ways a few years ago. After years of cementing their own personal paths, the two are now hinting at a much-anticipated reunion tour.

The two posted enigmatic announcements on their social media pages, with Sasha and Digweed posting each others’ names and linking to a brand new website, The announcement was accompanied by a date, September 2016, which could very well be the beginning of a reunion tour or project. The posts come on the heels of Sasha and Digweed’s first b2b in years, which took place on March 24 at Digweed’s Bedrock Easter party. The timing of the announcement was a bit suspect (the posts went up on April Fool’s Day), but no indication has been made to suggest this is an extended April Fool’s joke.

Watch Sasha and Digweed reunite at the Bedrock Easter party below: