Doors have not yet opened for this year’s Coachella, but some lucky individuals were able to take a look inside the grounds already, and some pictures have made their way out into the open.

Coachella Stages


Though the main stage and Outdoor Theater at Coachella will likely be fairly standard, the greatest stage designs have been and always will be at the Sahara Tent – dance fans just love their stage designs. This year went with a large Cubic structure that will hang over the crowd, while the stage’s backdrop seems to feature a simple large LED screen.

Some people have proposed that the screen has something to do with a specific artist’s set. Another picture of the standard LED backdrop is below with a large array of cubes.

We worked years for this

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The Despacio stage has also been shared on Instagram, though it might not be what a lot of people were expecting. It’s a rather small space for how much Coachella was touting its presence on the Polo Grounds, and looks like it might act like any other random installation tent. Though it will feature exclusive performances by some top-tier acts over the weekend, anyone actually wanting to see those acts will likely be stranded outside, waiting for those who just happened to be already within to get bored and leave.


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For those of you staying home Coachella this year, the live stream schedules are up – though extremely irritating to navigate. Rather than list a day’s schedule, artists are listed individually and it’s up to viewers to find out which artists are available for live stream and each artist’s schedule. Lame.

For those of you on the grounds of Coachella, have a fun time and don’t forget to share your favorite moments on social media for everyone to see!


Featured image by Rukes