Coachella 2016 has officially begun. The Indio polo fields opened their gates this afternoon (though a little late) to a welcoming crowd who, for the next three days, will bask in the heat and beauty of the southern California oasis. Despite the enormous list of incredible performing acts and the wide host of other exhibits and activities, several of them have taken dominion over the Twitter sphere as of late.

According to mapping data provided by the social network, alongside OpenStreetMap and CardoDB, the most tweeted about headliner at this year’s event was none other than Guns N’ Roses. With 64% of the tweets, the Los Angeles-formed band will likely see a truly massive attendance during their Saturday headlining set.

The next most talked about headliner was Calvin Harris, with an impressive 34% of the recorded tweets. Behind him, LCD Soundsystem managed to scrape up a tepid 2%.

By studying the graphic below, the musical preferences of specific states and areas can also be found out.


Image via Rukes