L*EVATD Music is back at again with the bangers; the Michigan-based collective pulled together a stunning collection of beat hustlers for the second edition of their Sea Crunk compilation series, with appearances from Pleasure, ChopsJunkieKozmo, Big DelightAristoi, and many more. While the full release doesn’t drop until April 20th, you can get an exclusive first listen today via our premiere of Ancient Mermaids‘ track, ‘Palm Trees’.

The duo normally focuses on sensual, ocean-themed psychedelia, but they pulled no punches this time around. ‘Palm Trees’ is a straight up heater, featuring an addictive horn line and hard hitting percussion. It draws in the listener with a distinctly crunk vibe, but the groove is deceptive; as soon as the drop hits, you’re plunged into a cavern of 8-bit laden juke with bass hard enough to rattle stalactites off the ceiling. And if that’s not enough to get your senses tingling, make sure to stick around for the tune’s explosive, drum & bass fueled climax. Ancient Mermaids were able to cover a stunning amount of ground with this one and the bold arrangement is definitely applaudable. These guys are fast on the come up, so keep an eye out for them and be sure to grab the full release of Sea Crunk Volume 2 when it drops; in the meantime, you can find the full stream of ‘Palm Trees’ after the jump.


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[Premiere] Ancient Mermaids -- Palm Trees (L*EVATD Music) [Free Download]
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