Note: the original article was satire. WBC do not currently have plans to protest EDC Las Vegas. Though, given how reasonable the quotes sound, we wouldn’t call it an impossibility, either.

For its 20th anniversary, Electric Daisy Carnival will feature bigger performances, better stage design, incredible lights and sounds, and… Westboro Baptist Church?

The infamous religious sect known for their protests is planning on putting feet on the ground at the annual Las Vegas music festival this year.

Westboro Baptist Church spokesperson Lisa Greer stated, “[Electric Daisy Carnival] is just another trashy haven for inappropriate sexual activity and rampant drug use.” Greer explained to Kansas NBC affiliate reporter Christopher McCathy, “In addition to the rampant drug use and inappropriate heterosexual sexual activity, this festival openly supports and welcomes gay attendees. We believe that same-sex marriages are being openly condoned and sanctioned on festival grounds, we hope to thwart these blatant sins against Jesus Christ – our mission is to educate.”

Seeing as EDC is held in Las Vegas, the self-designated ‘Sin City,’ the 75 members of the church who will be protesting have opted to stay in an undisclosed location in nearby Henderson, Nevada.


via AMC