If there’s one thing you don’t do as an artist, it’s play bad quality rips of tracks at a festival. When you’re at home listening on laptop speakers or headphones, it’s excusable. But when you’re playing to a crowd of tens of thousands on a professional audio system, those little clips and bits of static that you didn’t notice before are suddenly amplified.

Such was apparently the case at Tomorrowland Brasil this past weekend, when ALOK played a rip of deadmau5’s “Imaginary Friends” at the main stage. It couldn’t be anything other than a rip, considering “Imaginary Friends” has not been officially released and deadmau5 has not sent a demo around for producers to use.


If you’d like proof that this actually happened, check out the video below. (The video has been pitched down, likely to avoid a copyright strike, but “Imaginary Friends” is still clearly audible.)



via EDM.com | Image via Rukes