In just fifty days, headliners will be able to experience one of the greatest festivals on earth, under the electric sky, once again.

EDC Las Vegas is only 50 days away and Insomniac Events, who has been throwing EDC for 20 years now, just dropped an incredibly epic trailer to amp up the hype. The video features scenes from every EDC stage – cosmicMEADOW, neonGARDEN, circuitGROUNDS, bassPOD, wasteLAND and kineticFIELD – and plays dutifully on the heartstrings of nostalgia. Even if you haven’t been to an EDC event before, the video does well enough that just about anyone will see the appeal and want to attend.

This year is the event’s 20th Anniversary, so be sure to expect a lot of awesome additions to the festival this year.

A limited number of GA and VIP tickets for EDC Las Vegas 2016 are on sale here. For Headliners looking to explore, engage, energize and enjoy, Insomniac’s VIP experience offers brand new activities and anniversary offerings. View the complete list of VIP amenities here.

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