James Egbert has made quite a name for himself with hard work, talent, and some serious groove. Now, he’s applying his penchant for aggressive melodies to SVYR, an alias that’s caught somewhere between a dubstep-electro-bass house lovechild.

“Grind” is the newest adventure from SVYR, and it’s everything we could want for 2016. Wrapping up the best elements of America’s bass house movement with Egbert’s patented synth design, “Grind” draws from a sweltering well of inspiration and delivers it in stellar fashion. From a grumbling kick to those modulated plasma whips, SVYR’s “Grind” pumps out a sonic journey that’s more than worthy of your ears.

Once you snag this gem as a free download, be sure to read on for what James Egbert has to say about the origins of SVYR and what fans can expect in 2016.

Explain the concept behind SVYR, what is this new project all about?

“For the past few years, I’ve been blessed enough in my passion of making music to the point that this has become a career for me.  I had never written and released music labeled with my own personal name until very recently, and through parts of 2014 and much of 2015, I felt like I had hit this wall where there wasn’t any inspiration to draw from internally.  Growing up being in bands and later producing for other artists, writing music had always been this process of getting my mind wrapped around what the aura of the project required and so as I began to spend more and more time writing my own music, what “James Egbert” was began to shift.
Somehow “James Egbert” became this guy that would wake up in the morning, drink some coffee, and forcedly sit in a room writing music all day until it was time to go back to sleep again and it became very difficult to pull inspiration from in order to perpetuate my artistic creativity.  On top of that, I came to the conclusion that I was riding the fence too hard between bass-driven club music and melody-driven anthems, so the idea of creating SVYR was in some very metaphorical senses, the savior and resurrection of my artistic inspiration.  It created a new outlet to freely write the more aggressive music I believe I was initially known for as “James Egbert”.  In addition, it gave me something external to be inspired by, which has taken me back to my roots of musical creation.  SVYR has been a very enjoyable reminder of why I’m making music and I feel that writing music for both the “James Egbert” and SVYR projects have been benefiting as a result of this reboost.”

Spielberg wants to use “Grind” for a scene in his newest sci-fi movie. Describe the scene.

“It’s funny you should mention that because that was the whole idea when I was writing the tune!  I had this very mechanical vision in mind.  Like, the song literally sounds like a motorcycle racing through some urban jungle.  It would for sure have to be a chase scene taking place in some year far beyond where we are now, but I totally picture hoverbikes shredding through some dark city.”

How will you balance your time between SVYR and James Egbert in 2016?

“I haven’t quite figured that out yet, but so far, things have been slightly more geared towards SVYR, just to make sure I’m continually pumping energy and life into the new project.  That being said, I’m currently sitting on a number of new JE tunes that I’m really excited about and will be continuing to split time between the projects throughout the year.”