It was a long time coming, but the wait was definitely worth it: “Where I’ll Be Waiting” has finally arrived. It’s been a year – almost exactly to the day – since we’ve gotten an original from Monstercat‘s token progressive house producer Rich Edwards. Entering onto the scene with his Hellberg collaboration “Hands of Time” in 2014, Edwards quickly made a name for himself in the Monstercat community, becoming a fan favorite in almost no time. Since then, he’s gained the support of big-name acts like The ChainsmokersJuicy M and Noah Neiman.

Although he’s released some serious bangers, “Where I’ll Be Waiting” is probably Rich Edwards’ most quality release yet. Its ridiculously catchy melody, impeccable mixing and impressive electric guitar plucks really further the instrumental, while Cozi Zuehlsdorff‘s soaring vocals push the emotion of the track. Being her first Monstercat appearance since Hellberg’s smash hit “The Girl,” “Where I’ll Be Waiting” proves to be impressive comeback for both artists.

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